Hudson Valley Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury law is more than our business, it is a vocation. The Newburgh personal injury attorneys at Finkelstein & Associates witness every day how daily activities can go tragically wrong and how important it is for personal injury victims in the Hudson Valley to obtain the best attorneys to fight for their rights. We all have observed motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents and other injuries, such as dog bites, but do not realize how resulting head and brain injuries, neck and back injuries, scarring and fractures affect the quality of life and income potential of these victims during and after recovery, if full recovery is even obtainable.

We are also engaged with our clients on general legal matters to ensure they are prepared for and well represented through life’s milestones by providing legal services for real estate, matrimonial, wills & trusts & workers comp needs.

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Personal Injury Claim Settlements

As personal injury attorneys, it is our goal to achieve the highest possible settlement without the need to go to court. However, in the event we are forced to go to court we have the resources and experience to obtain the highest probability of a successful verdict on behalf of our clients. The lawyers at Finkelstein & Associates represent over 45 years of successful personal injury law experience throughout the Hudson Valley, NY. We manage each case with thorough preparation, extensive experience and maintain a high level of client contact.

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